random male actor: You stay out of trouble.

Tara Reid: I’m the one who’s supposed to be saying this to you.

RMA: nods knowingly and leaves.

Tara Reid: (delicately whispers after RMA leaves) You stay out of trouble.

This script is amazing. Movies like this need to be funded more often.

"southerly shark wind"

actual quote from the weather woman on the news in sharknado two

sharknado two: the second one is just as amazing as i hoped it would be. recording it on the IQ and i’m gonna organise a sharknado night definitely.

God I can be self pitying honestly

Starting to think I should not be as openly honest about how pathetic and lame I can be, no matter how funny it is, and cover it all up under a big blanket of aloofness and cold cynicism so I seem cool and when my lameness comes out people think I’m being tragically vulnerable in a difficult period rather than just you know… myself

Was going to follow up that t previous post with something funny but o literally have nothing clever to blog. I am the opposite of clever blogging. I am disappointment personified.

Expect nothing from me because you will receive that in abundance.

Snuck into the family liquor cabinet and ffound me dad’s Bundy rum hope you’re all ready for this blogging to move into the ULTIMATE BLOG O SPHERE WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


When one of my family members asks why I don’t have a boyfriend


My dog won’t hug me and my laptop is so cold and awkwardly shaped. 

I am just pathetic tonight what is wrong with me what has happened to my fierce womanly independence.

I’m in the need for some constant attention and stimulation. The avengers is doing nothing for me and i’m about a mouthful away from being out of wine.